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How BOB Protects You

Our commitment is to provide you with a secure and convenient eBanking experience that will allow you to complete many everyday banking transactions electronically.

BOB Express Online © is a protected site that provides strong levels of industry best practice internet security for your financial transactions. The bank has instituted the following security controls for the BOB Express Online © architecture and network infrastructure to enhance the strength of service to our valued customers: When you are signed into BOB Express Online, you benefit from: 

  • is a security feature supported by newer browsers that allows you to visually validate that the site you are transacting with – such as  bankbahamas.com - has undergone an extensive security audit.
  • Secure Firewalls and Remote Access Connections – We implement secure firewalls and configurations to ensure stringent controls over remote access protocols.
  • Internal access and control procedures – We adhere to industry standard and proper administrative access and control procedures for the internal management of the bank’s infrastructure.
  • Password Encryption - All passwords will be encrypted during storage and transmission using robust industry standard algorithms.
  • Lockout Mechanism – BOB Express Online © has implemented online account lockout mechanisms for the primary and secondary Passwords in use. Your account will be locked after 3 unsuccessful attempts.
  • Timeout - Expiration of your BOB Express Online © session automatically occurs if there is no activity on your session for more than 10 minutes, requiring you to sign back in with your secret credentials.
  • Reference numbers - We provide a reference number for every transaction to assist you and us in the event that any inquiries that may arise.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – We monitor access and use of our systems to ensure compliance with defined security rules and protocols.
  • Security Audits and Reviews – Our systems are subject to regular third-party security audits and reviews to validate and ensure that our systems meet effective standard controls required by industry best practice norms.
  • Additional Authentication — When you perform sensitive online banking transactions, such as payment orders and customer requests, BOB Express Online © will prompt you for your Authorisation PIN (secondary password) in order to sign and submit the payment order or request for processing.
  • Date/Time Stamp — Every time you sign in to BOB Express Online ©, we display the date and time of your last visit at the top-right of the landing page. If you do not recognize the date and time displayed to be valid, you will know if there has been unauthorized account access and take appropriate action to change your credentials and contact the bank.

Additional BOB Services to Help Improve your Security

BOB offers the Free eNotifier service to personal banking customers to help boost your level of security.  Sign-Up for eNotifier, and receive timely account-activity reminders and alerts.  Simply specify the accounts on which you want to receive information, plus the types of messages you wish to receive i.e., email and SMS text messages.  Some eligible transaction types include internal and external payment transfers, bill payments, and transaction summaries. eNotifier messages help you to be aware of any potential suspicious activity on your accounts.  Sign up for eNotifier today!

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